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  • Outdoor camping folding table with carrying bag
    This outdoor camping folding table with tote bag is different from other similar tables with elastic cord connection. This table has a unique hinge design connection and can be used for many years.The outdoor camping folding table with carrying bag is ultra-light, made of aviation-grade aluminum all   Read More>
  • Camping picnic folding aluminum table
    Camping picnic Folding tables have now entered our lives widely, and I believe everyone must be familiar with them. Folding tables are now available in various materials, including stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Today, I will tell you about the folding table made of aluminum alloy. The table ma   Read More>
  • Features of outdoor camping picnic folding table material
    The aluminum-plastic panel can be used as the desktop of the picnic folding table. It is made of 3003 aluminum-manganese alloy and 5005 aluminum-magnesium alloy plates that have been surface-treated and coated with paint as the surface, PE plastic is the core layer,   Read More>
  • Why do many people choose to use MDF as the picnic camping folding table top?
    Many styles of picnic tables use MDF as the tabletop material. Why? Let's discuss it together today. Medium Density Fiberboard, abbreviated as MDF, abbreviated as MDF). Medium-density fiberboard is a kind of man-made board made of wood fiber or other plant fiber, after crushing,   Read More>