Windproof and waterproof sunshade outdoor courtyard garden side awning

Views: 0     Author: Uplion     Publish Time: 2021-12-19      Origin: Uplion

Outdoor courtyard garden side pull awning [weatherproof] Polyester material and PU coating can block ultraviolet rays and have a certain degree of water resistance. Protect you from ultraviolet rays, sun glare, rain and wind, and enjoy outdoor time.

Outdoor courtyard garden side canopy [retractable and practical] snap-on handle and inner spring, good flexibility and smooth movement. The privacy screen with battery will automatically roll back when not in use, which is convenient for use and storage. It does not rust and is durable.

Outdoor patio garden side canopy [durable all-aluminum frame] is made of high-quality all-aluminum frame, this neat and strong privacy partition can support your long-term use. The thickened fixed edge and base once increased its stability, and the smooth, solid gray surface also added a touch of decorative beauty.