Where is the hammock suitable for?

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Without hindering daily life, a hammock should be installed at home. The best installation location is to recommend balcony, living room window position, bedroom corner, etc. It looks beautiful and does not take up too much space for daily activities.

Hang a hammock on the balcony, whether the weekend is warm or rainy, swinging on your balcony.

Some people directly use hammocks instead of ordinary beds or sofas, and it is not recommended from the perspective of experience. People need a stable and quiet sleeping space. The hammock is easy to shake due to external forces and cannot give a stable sleeping environment; sitting on the sofa is to read or watch TV quietly, and it is difficult to concentrate in a shaking environment , And easily affect vision. When using a hammock, try not to vigorously shake or jump on it. No matter how many screws are used to fix it, if it exceeds the load-bearing range of the screws, the hammock has a certain risk of falling, which is very unsafe for the user.