What should I pay attention to when buying rattan furniture?

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What should I pay attention to when buying rattan furniture?

When it comes to rattan furniture, people may think of the rattan chairs, rattan sofas, etc. that my grandfather sat in the evening when he was a child. With the improvement of people's living standards, today's rattan furniture is no longer what it used to be. Let's interpret what kind of rattan furniture is today?

Rattan furniture, as the name suggests, refers to tables and chairs made of rattan. Nowadays, people have replaced real rattan with pe-like rattan. The advantages of pe-like rattan are that they are not afraid of the sun and rain, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant, and are suitable for long-term outdoor use all year round. More importantly It can be woven at will, the shape is changeable, and the shape is very special, so it must be the magic weapon for creating outdoor leisure, fashion and durable home life.

The rattan material of rattan furniture never adds toxic substances, has no pollution from the construction process, does not require glue application, and does not require paint finishing.

The general trend of imitation rattan chair furniture should be: 1. Integrate Eastern and Western elements to innovate and shape more beautifully

2. Higher quality requirements

3. The future design of imitation rattan chair furniture should be in harmony with the living environment

4. Give people a more casual and comfortable life experience, as long as you don't get aesthetic fatigue, you can use it for a lifetime.