What should I do if it rains on the outdoor furniture?

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What should I do if it rains on the outdoor furniture?

As we all know, ordinary tables and chairs must be quickly retracted indoors or covered when it rains. If no one happens to be home, they will suffer. Prolonged rain will make the cushions and cushions of the furniture wet. Poor quality is also prone to mold.

The biggest worry of many people before buying outdoor furniture is that they accidentally encounter a rainy day.

What should I do with the outdoor furniture placed in the yard and patio? Does the sofa get wet and moldy?

However, when these problems are placed on outdoor furniture, how will it be different?

The cushions of outdoor furniture are made of fabrics with excellent waterproof and breathability. Secondly, the waterproof fabrics are also anti-fouling and mildew-proof. But waterproof fabrics can't make the entire cushion waterproof, zippers, needle holes will allow rainwater to seep into the interior. Therefore, outdoor furniture has higher requirements on the filling of cushions and cushions.

Outdoor furniture has also taken this into account, so the cushions in outdoor furniture are filled with quick-drying cotton, which has higher performance moisture-proof and moisture-proof. Therefore, it has always been favored by designers in the field of outdoor furniture.

Compared with ordinary sofa-filled sponges, quick-drying cotton can quickly leak water and restore dryness.

Even if you accidentally get wet in the rain, it only takes 2-3 hours to dry in the sun, and it will not affect the quality of outdoor furniture at all.