What kind of sleeping mat is suitable?

Views: 2     Author: Uplion     Publish Time: 2021-11-26      Origin: Uplion

First of all, warmth, weight, comfort, durability, and size must be considered in order. But for a mountaineer, a good night’s sleep may be a very important thing. If you are usually accustomed to sleeping naked on a super-large water bed, it is best to choose a luxurious two-inch thick, full-length open room foam sleeping mat, without worrying about the weight. If you are someone who can sleep on a harder bed, then a three-quarter-length closed room foam sleeping pad is sufficient. Therefore, many old donkeys often use a lightweight, three-quarter-length expandable foam sleeping pad.

In winter, the editor will bring a full-length closed room foam sleeping pad and a complete repair tool to prevent the open room foam sleeping pad from hooking.