What kind of charcoal grill is good for outdoor barbecue?

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At present, the common barbecue charcoal fuels on the market can be divided into four categories: natural trees, log charcoal, machine-made charcoal, and natural pellet charcoal. These four fuels are slightly different in terms of composition, production method, burning time, burning heat, and burning time. :

1. Natural trees

Natural trees are the most primitive and long-lasting barbecue fuel. They are often various fruit trees, such as apple trees, pear trees, jujube trees, litchi trees, etc. After cutting the trees directly, they are sawed into sections and then cut into suitable sizes. Just let it dry, and it can be used directly when grilling. It is mostly seen in the secret roasting workshops handed down from the folk, such as roast duck, roast suckling pig, roast whole lamb and other traditional food workshops.

The characteristics of natural trees: original ecology, original flavor, suitable for barbecue food with special flavor; but raw materials are scarce, the use environment is relatively limited, inflexible, and open flames are smokey, easy to jump sparks, burning fire is difficult to control during barbecue, not suitable Ordinary household use.

2. Log charcoal Log charcoal is a barbecue fuel that is processed after cutting down logs, including various hardwoods, fruit trees, and miscellaneous woods. This kind of fuel is currently the closest to the original ecology and practical barbecue charcoal. The shape mostly retains the branch shape of the log itself, which is easy to ignite. When grilling, it emits a smell of firewood from childhood memories. The barbecue family has a kind of apple raw charcoal. It is a barbecue charcoal that has been distilled to extract harmful substances such as wood tar, safe and healthy, and very suitable for household barbecue.

Log charcoal features: second only to natural trees, original ecology, original flavor, smokeless, lack of resources, easy to ignite, but the burning time is slightly shorter than that of machine-made charcoal.