What is the general service life of rattan furniture?

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People in the rattan furniture industry will encounter customers asking such questions. As a professional question, it is not easy for ordinary customers to understand, but they really want to get a professional and accurate answer.

What kind of rattan furniture is good? How many years can good rattan furniture be used? Where can I find good rattan furniture? How do ordinary consumers judge?

Good rattan furniture is made of new PE rattan materials. The purchase channels are from large factories and some imported rattans, and the product quality is guaranteed. In the production process of rattan, UV sunscreen ingredients are added, and the service life has been strictly tested to ensure that there is a 3,000-hour all-weather warranty; while ordinary inferior rattans use recycled waste rattan as the main material, and no UV sunscreen ingredients are added, and the cost is Low, the quality is not guaranteed. It broke and faded in almost 3 months until it was completely scrapped.