What is the correct way to use a hanging hammock?

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A hammock is a light and easy-to-carry bedding for outdoor activities. The material used to make the hammock is usually tied to a tree. According to the materials, it is divided into cloth hammock and rope net hammock. The cloth hammock is usually made of thin canvas or nylon cloth, and the rope net hammock is usually made of cotton rope or nylon rope. The rope net hammock is particularly suitable for tropical jungles and hot summers, while the cloth hammock has a wider range of applications. It can be used in other seasons except in severe cold areas and winter. The rope used in the hammock must be strong enough to withstand the weight of one person. Fix both ends of the hammock on the trunk with ropes. The degree of sagging of the hammock should be actually lie down and adjusted. To sleep on a hammock, first put your feet in the hammock, and then put your feet in and lie on the diagonal of the hammock, so that you can straighten it without any unnecessary burden. To avoid getting wet from the rain, we can add a piece of plastic cloth on the top of the hammock. When it is cold, we can also use a blanket to roll it up.