What are the precautions for cleaning the garden patio side awning?

Views: 5     Author: Uplion     Publish Time: 2021-11-25      Origin: Uplion

The side awning is widely used in our lives. The patio side awning needs to be cleaned after a period of use. Here are some precautions for cleaning.

     1. First of all, if the color of the waterproof courtyard side awning is lighter, you should avoid using some cleaning agents that are difficult to rinse during cleaning to prevent inconvenience after cleaning and destroy the beautiful effect of the waterproof side awning.

     2. Secondly, if there is a white side awning, we can also apply some cleaning agent that can make the color bright on the surface to prevent the side awning from discoloring

     3. Finally, pay attention to the appropriate force when cleaning, gentle and even, not brute force with a brush, it is easy to damage the line of the side awning, and it is easy to damage its color.