What are the accessories for the folding tent stand?

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What are the accessories for the folding tent stand?

As one of the two cores, the foldable tent stand cannot support the tent without it, so it is correct to say that it is equivalent to a skeleton.

In fact, the folding tent stand is also composed of various accessories, as for which ones, let me tell you!

Foot board, thigh lower frame, thigh upper frame, spring buckle, four-corner Velcro, reinforced iron sheet, movable buckle, center lower tube, center upper tube, cross tube, and ejector rod, which constitute the bracket, and the accessories are in all aspects of production There is a special person to follow up, even the small Velcro is no exception, and the quality is guaranteed.

Each accessory also plays its own role, just like the foot plate has a protective effect on the bracket, the upper and lower legs of the thigh support an important accessory of the tent, and the Velcro can fix the top cloth;

Therefore, it is not difficult to see that accessories are also indispensable. If there is damage during use, it should be dealt with in time.