UV protection for outdoor parasols

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UV protection for outdoor parasols

Technical means of UV protection:

One is to mix ceramic particles into the fabric to reflect ultraviolet rays and achieve the effect of preventing ultraviolet rays.

The second is to use the film lamination technology to attach the UV isolator to the fabric without changing the feel and appearance of the fabric itself. However, different fabrics can restrict the anti-ultraviolet function of this absorbent. So when choosing this parasol, you can judge its anti-ultraviolet performance from three aspects.

1. Pay attention to the anti-ultraviolet performance of the fabric fiber itself. Experiments have proved that among the untreated fibers, the anti-ultraviolet performance of polyester fiber is the best. The benzene ring in the molecular structure of polyester fiber can absorb ultraviolet rays. Nylon, which is the rayon, rayon, etc. in nylon rubber, is not as good as polyester in UV resistance. Therefore, we should try our best to choose the anti-ultraviolet sunshade made of polyester fiber.

2. Pay attention to the fabric structure. The thickness and compactness of the fabric have a certain impact on its anti-ultraviolet performance. The thicker the fabric, the better the anti-ultraviolet performance, and the tighter the fabric, the stronger the light blocking ability, and the smaller the ultraviolet transmission. Another thing to pay attention to is the color of the fabric. According to the test results of the Chinese Academy of Metrology, the darker the fabric, the lower the UV transmittance and the better the UV resistance. So when we choose a parasol, we must fully consider the thickness, tightness and color of the fabric.

3. The price is not proportional to the anti-ultraviolet effect. "The price of a parasol is not simply determined by the anti-ultraviolet effect." Some parasols have high prices, which are related to umbrella fabrics, handles, accessories, Umbrella frame material, manufacturing process, packaging and its brand effect are all related, and the anti-ultraviolet effect is not the main factor in pricing.