Umbrella fabric and rib support of Roman umbrella

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Umbrella fabric and rib support of Roman umbrella

1. Umbrella fabric

The umbrella fabric of the Roman umbrella is made of the best polyester fabric. Studies have shown that thick fabrics have better UV resistance than thin fabrics. Generally speaking, cotton, silk, nylon, viscose and other fabrics have poor UV protection. Polyester is better. Polyester cloth has the characteristics of waterproof, sunscreen, non-fading, and strong UV resistance. The umbrella cloth colors include dark green, wine red, beige, water blue, dark blue, brown, orange, dark yellow, green, etc. , And the shiny color of the umbrella surface is more pretty and lively. The umbrella surface can be silk-printed with company logos and patterns, and the printing is vivid and clear, and will never fade. It is a good outdoor advertising carrier for enterprises.

2. Umbrella frame

The rib support structure of the Roman umbrella is made of high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy, with good extension performance, strong wind resistance, hard and not easy to break, or deformation caused by extrusion, electrostatic spraying surface, withstands wind and sun, and does not fade easily ,Affect the appearance. Our skeleton parameters are as follows: umbrella pole 95*66mm, tie rod, 26*45mm, diagonal pole 48*55mm, umbrella rib 17*25mm.