Tips for using a hammock

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Tips for using a hammock

If you can only bring one piece of equipment for outdoor recreation, what would you bring... My answer is a hammock! It can lie down (instead of cushions), sit on (instead of chairs), and even be used for camping overnight (instead of tents). It is simply the ultimate relaxation and leisure equipment! But did you know that there are some tricks hidden in the little hammock, mastering it, you can make your outdoor trip more comfortable!

01. Best 30 degrees

The hammock hanging at an angle of 30 degrees has enough space for you to relax, and the angle will not be too drooping to make your back uncomfortable.

02. Lean your body

After the hammock is hung, there will be a center line. Be careful not to lie on this center line. You can tilt about 10-15 degrees to minimize the degree of back bending.

03. Double hammock

Hammock is divided into double and single, but most people choose double hammock for comfort, not necessarily because two people use it together.

04. Choose a hammock with mosquito nets

This can prevent annoying mosquitoes from entering your resting space and disturbing your sweet dreams; at the same time, it can also protect your privacy, give you a certain sense of security, and make you more relaxed outdoors.

05. Bring a blanket

After the fall, it’s still cool outdoors. You can put a blanket or sleeping bag in the hammock, and you can use it whenever you feel cold.

06. Use environmentally friendly rope

Choose a wider rope and wind a few more times on the tree at the same time, which can effectively avoid the rope's damage to the tree. Of course, the more environmentally friendly way is to use a vertical hammock!