Tips for buying garden umbrellas-the choice of umbrella fabric

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Tips for buying garden umbrellas-the choice of umbrella fabric

When buying a patio umbrella, pay attention to whether there is a label in the umbrella stating that the umbrella is UV resistant, which indicates that this umbrella can really protect against UV rays (general umbrellas are actually not resistant to UV rays).

Of course, there are also dual-purpose patio umbrellas on the market that have both waterproof and UV resistance. Usually the label will be sewn on the inner side of the umbrella in the frame, or the price tag will indicate the anti-UV effect.

When choosing a outdoor parasol, you should refer to the following points:

1. When choosing an garden umbrella fabric, the weight of the fabric is very important. Generally, the larger the weight, the stronger the waterproof effect and UV resistance, so pay special attention to choosing the weight that suits you when you buy it.

2. Due to the shrinkage of the fabric, when buying sunshade, the garden umbrella size should be large rather than small.

3. The color of the fabric is related to the UV protection performance. Under the same conditions, the darker the fabric, the better the UV resistance. In contrast, black, navy blue, dark green and light blue, light pink, and light yellow have better UV resistance.