The method of maintaining cast aluminum furniture?

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The method of maintaining  cast aluminum furniture?

  • The floor on which the panel furniture is placed must be kept flat, and the four feet must land on the ground in a balanced manner. Place the product according to the normal use state of the product to avoid deformation.

  • The cast aluminum material can withstand outdoor wind, sun and rain, but it needs to prevent collision and friction. Avoid collision with hard objects and drag furniture on the ground.

  • Do not use any chemicals or gauze to clean the surface of the product, which will damage the color. Simply rinse with water or wipe with a dry cotton cloth; it is best to use a pure cotton knitted cloth to remove dust on the furniture, and then use a soft wool brush. To remove the dust in the depression or embossment, the painted furniture should be scrubbed occasionally with warm soapy water. Do not wipe with gasoline or organic solvents, and do not use acidic cleaners to avoid damage to the surface paint.

  • If scratches are accidentally produced on the surface of the furniture, it can be repaired with outdoor furniture paint of the same color.