The installation method of the hanging chair

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1. When we receive the goods, we must first check the instructions to see if the various accessories and materials are complete, and whether there is any lack of accessories. If there is a need, we will promptly contact the store to give feedback.

Install the accessories after they are completed to avoid inconvenience to the installation. Some merchants also need to carefully package the tension springs in the hanging chair underframe tube for inspection.

2. After that, we will classify all kinds of parts, so that we can take away the materials when installing. First, loosen the screw nut on the bottom frame of the chair lift.

3. Then we need to take out the tension spring hanging on the screw. This step should be more careful to avoid hurting your hands.

4. After that, we need to put the bracket into the bottom frame tube, align the bracket to the hole and insert the screw.

5. After that, we need to forcefully tighten the screws and nuts. If necessary, we need to use professional tools to tighten them, so that safety is guaranteed during use.

6. Then we have to put the hook into the top hole of the bracket.

7. Although its main body has been installed at this time, we must not forget to hang the tension spring.

8. Finally, we need to connect the hanging chain and the tension spring together and then put the hanging basket on, so that the entire installation is completed.