The difference between inflatable tent and ordinary folding tent

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The difference between inflatable tent and ordinary folding tent

1. Weight

Since folding tents use iron pipes as supports, their weight is relatively large, which inevitably brings troubles to transportation and movement. Especially the larger the area of the tent, the more brackets are used, and as the area of the tent increases, the load-bearing requirement is also greater, which causes an increase in the load-bearing capacity of the bracket, and correspondingly larger wall thicknesses will be used. The weight of the tent is heavier because of the iron pipe.

The inflatable tent is an inflatable keel, which can be folded. Compared with an ordinary metal tent with an iron pipe support structure, the weight is obviously lighter, so it is relatively easy to transport.

2. Volume

The same in terms of the tent volume, tents with a metal bracket structure cannot be packed freely due to the existence of iron pipe brackets; and iron pipe brackets are generally longer in length, resulting in smaller vehicles that can’t fit in. On the other hand, a relatively large vehicle must be used.

The inflatable tent, because it is a soft, inflatable keel, and the air column can be folded at will after deflation; this design allows the tent to be folded freely after use, only takes up a small volume, and can be easily put into a small In household vehicles and ordinary vehicles. Convenient transportation.

3. Erection and dismantling

Folding tents need to be erected, and the larger the tent, the more people are needed and the longer it takes.