The difference between cast aluminum and aluminum alloy

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The affiliation is not the same. Aluminum alloy is a large category, including cast aluminum alloy. Cast aluminum alloy is a kind of aluminum alloy.

The scope is different. There are usually two major categories of aluminum alloys, one is deformed aluminum alloy, and the other is cast aluminum aluminum alloy.

The processing method is different. Deformed aluminum alloys are usually machined to obtain the desired shape. Cast aluminum aluminum alloy can only be formed by die casting.

Cast aluminum alloy:

Cast aluminum alloy is the aluminum alloy used to obtain the required parts directly by the casting process. It is required to have ideal castability: good fluidity, small shrinkage, hot cracking and cold cracking tendency, small segregation and gas absorption. The element content of cast aluminum alloy is generally higher than that of corresponding deformed aluminum alloy, and most alloys are close to eutectic composition.