The development of plastic wood composite

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The development of plastic wood composite

Plastic-wood composite material is a modified thermoplastic material filled and reinforced with wood fiber or plant fiber. It has the advantages of cost and performance of wood and plastic. It is extruded or pressed into profiles, plates or other products to replace wood and plastics. .

Wood fiber plastic compounding materials have been researched for more than 80 years, but they have not been industrialized. Only a small amount of them were used in low-value sound-absorbing products about 15 years ago. Due to the strengthening of environmental concepts, the American construction industry is looking for alternative materials like wood (non-corrosive, non-warped, easy to maintain, and similar in appearance to wood), while paper and wood processing plants in South Korea and Japan are looking for sawn wood powder and waste. The application of wood chips, etc. has promoted and accelerated the research and application development of WPC.

The processing of wood flour filling compounds into construction and structural profiles is currently one of the most active sectors in the extrusion industry, and new applications and developments are also emerging one after another. Therefore, despite decades of research history, due to the huge potential applications of WPC The market makes it like a new product that attracts widespread attention. Many countries have invested their efforts to accelerate the pace of development and application, especially the production of profiles, which is known as a "hot" market.