The development history of outdoor picnic folding chairs

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As outdoor picnic folding chairs have become a common seat for people, diversification of forms and production processes has appeared. Also, because outdoor picnic folding chairs no longer contain too many symbols of power and dignity, this has also led to the development of new functions and new designs. At the end of the 19th century, outdoor picnic folding chairs were already designed by utilitarians, and seats of various forms and purposes appeared. Outdoor picnic folding chairs have a long history of military use. It needs to have a straightforward and compact appearance, and meet the characteristics of durability. When it begins to show aesthetics, people will have memories of it. But it has never been designed beautifully.

Folding and portable products are increasing day by day, and the industry produces the smallest and lightest parts to form folding furniture to adapt to all kinds of weather and climate. People can see different outdoor picnic folding chairs everywhere in camping, beach leisure, sports events, etc. It is a chair that adapts to all habits and needs. Outdoor picnic folding chairs can be used in school desks and chairs, in movie theaters and theaters... The main goal of creating a basic seat is to provide a short rest and can be easily folded (and stored). Outdoor picnic folding chairs have become an indispensable part of furniture.

The most modern outdoor picnic folding chair was designed after a lot of social investigation and technical discussion: after industrial visualization (thonet), following the German Bauhaus theory, the design of folding chair began to flourish in 1965~75 stand up.