The patio courtyard terrace garden side awning is simply a work of art of the modern city

Views: 2     Author: Uplion     Publish Time: 2021-12-13      Origin: Uplion

There is a private small villa on the quiet hilltop, and a side canopy is placed on the courtyard terrace, which perfectly separates pedestrians and roads from the small garden terrace of the villa owner.

The awning on the side of the courtyard terrace garden can be said to be a work of art in a modern city. An ordinary villa courtyard, after installing the awning on the upper side, shows the taste of modern fashion. It is practical and at the same time adds charm to your courtyard. High-quality waterproof thick polyester fabric and metal frame constitute this beige, metal-framed courtyard terrace garden side pull-out awning, which is fixed on a small terrace and opened for use. The owner can sit on a chair next to him freely. I appreciate the great rivers and mountains in front of me, eyes full of green. Don't bother outsiders.

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