Swing chair types

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1. Steel swing chair: If it is a steel family swing chair, due to the high hardness and other properties of the steel itself, steel swings usually have a more beautiful appearance than other types of swings. The exquisite wrought iron lace and the elegant flower baskets all have a romantic European style. The connection between the swing seat and the swing frame is a buckle iron chain, and the length of the iron chain can be adjusted according to the individual's height, thereby changing the height of the swing seat. The surface of the swing is coated with anti-rust paint, which can be better waterproof and suitable for outdoor use.

2. Wooden swing chair: Everyone knows that the general wooden family swing has a disadvantage, that is, the wood will make a noise when it swings, so it is generally not suitable for indoor placement. But in many cases, the swing seat is tied to the wooden frame with a chemical fiber rope instead of metal or wood. Therefore, the friction between the swinging rope and the wooden frame is relatively small. According to the actual situation of oneself and the family, it should be placed indoors. it is also fine.