Introduction of straight umbrella base

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Straight umbrella base

Straight umbrellas are also called center-pillar umbrellas, which are used to insert on a perforated outdoor table to facilitate outdoor sunshading.

The straight umbrella does not have a cross base like the banana umbrella, so the umbrella base needs to be equipped with a round tube to facilitate the insertion of the umbrella into the base to keep the umbrella stable.

Generally, the materials of the base of the straight umbrella are resin, HDPE plastic, cast iron, marble, etc. The shape is mainly round and square.

The round tube that comes with the base has iron or plastic tubes, and the straps are different depending on the material of the umbrella base. The size of the tube is also different. Generally, the diameter of the center column of the straight umbrella is 34-38mm, so pay special attention when choosing the base.

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