garden Steel Plate Umbrella Base

Views: 1     Author: Uplion     Publish Time: 2021-12-28      Origin: Uplion

I have tried a few different types of stands to hold my umbrella and this one Steel Plate Umbrella Base is by far the best yet. We live high on a hilltop and it gets extremely windy so it is imperative we have a stand that not only won't tip over, but also will hold the umbrella securely in the stand. This holds the umbrella securely and with some help does not tip. We ordered two detachable umbrella base weight bags which fit nicely on the flat base. The base is easy to pick up and lift even though it weighs 36 lbs. I am able to do it without a problem (I am a 62 year old female) and I believe it is because of it's design. I can also move it by rolling it without lifting if I am only moving it a short distance. I highly recommend this item. We have had the Steel Plate Umbrella Base for about a month and we have encountered some very windy days, but so far the umbrella has stayed put in the base and the base has not tipped over. I am not sure it would be as steady without the extra bags.