Some information of the side awning for the pool garden patio villa

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Outdoor patio side canopy is an outdoor patio product made of opaque polyester fabric and metal frame. It has been very popular in recent years, especially in the European and American markets. The side canopy has a wide range of uses, is beautiful, practical, and cost-effective, and is very suitable for private and commercial use. The retractable design is flexible and convenient to use, easy to put away when not in use, and does not take up space. Among them, the aluminum-iron frame is corrosion-resistant, sturdy and durable. The side canopy fabric is made of 180g/m2 hardened high-density polyester fabric, which is waterproof, sun-proof, easy to clean or heavier. The side canopy is easy to install, just fix the column on the floor and the other side on the wall.