Sleeping mat material and classification

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1. The most basic material of all sleeping mats is (foam), and there are two basic types:

closed-cell and open-cell. The so-called closed cell foaming is a piece of plastic sleeping mat composed of small bubbles. Since each bubble is an independent unit and closed, this kind of sleeping mat does not absorb water. You can find these non-compressible, non-expandable, non-disassembled, and multi-color sleeping mats in various outdoor product companies all over the country. They are all closed rooms.

2. Open-cell foam is a compressed material that can be found in furniture and sponges. It is made of expanded polyurethane. It is completely different from closed cell foaming: all the bubble cells in the polymer are connected and constitute a honeycomb structure. Since the bubble chamber has fewer solid walls (more hollow), the open chamber foam has a lighter weight and is more compressible; but it absorbs water, just like a sponge.