Several common electric heaters on the market and their advantages and disadvantages:

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1. Electric heating wire heating type: slow onset, moderate temperature, no strong light, long service life.

2. Halogen tube heating type: It starts to work, the temperature is very high, there is strong light, and it is not suitable for use in the bedroom or during rest.

3. Quartz tube heating type: faster than the heating wire, there is no strong light, but the service life is shorter than that of the heating wire, which causes less power, which is a household heater.

4. The heat transfer oil of the electric heating oil heater does not need to be replaced, has a long service life, has the advantages of safety, health, and dust-free. The disadvantage is that the energy consumption is relatively high, the thermal inertia is large, the effect is the slowest, and it is not suitable for places with large electrical loads. , The heating area is small, and it is a household heater, suitable for use in bedrooms and study rooms.

5.Convection heating: high safety performance, quiet operation, the disadvantage is slow heating, poor indoor temperature uniformity, flowing air will produce a certain degree of dust pollution.

6. Electric heating film heating type: It is the latest product, including high temperature electric heating film and low temperature electric heating film. It is environmentally friendly, efficient, energy-saving, waterproof, has the characteristics of good water tightness, softness, flexure resistance, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance. The disadvantages are The price is too high, the market is still immature, and there are not many products, which are household heaters.