Sentry Umbrella

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Sentry Umbrella is an outdoor parasol specially used to shelter guards from wind, rain and sunlight.

Corresponding to the guard post, the guard post umbrella has the advantages of convenient movement, simple disassembly and assembly, low cost, and can be used as a LOGO announcement. It is widely used in the gates of residential quarters, the parking lot at the entrance of the hotel, and the parking lot at the entrance of the company building.

In the hot summer, the arrival of the sentry box umbrella allows the guards to walk out of the sultry sentry box in the sentry box

Chatting and standing guard under the umbrella is not only the company's care, but also a manifestation of humanity.

Faced with the sentry box umbrellas on the market now, our choice is important, and I will focus on me below.

A brief description of the sentry umbrellas that have been experienced;

The most common outdoor sentry umbrella on the market is the sunshade that is professionally called a single-sided umbrella.

Umbrellas, the pillars of this parasol stand on one side, the double-layer air discharge port is more wind-resistant, the aluminum alloy frame can avoid rust, and the 280g polyester cloth + PA coating can only wind and rain.

In addition, there are rotating umbrellas and central pillar umbrellas that can be used as sentry umbrellas. The advantage is that the price is convenient.

It is suitable, convenient to operate, and the effect of temporary guard box is good. Now the use of sentry umbrellas is quite

Mature, we can see sentry umbrellas standing everywhere on the street, sentry boxes of different colors

The guard spirit displayed by the umbrella is also different.