Roman tent material usage

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Roman gazebo tent material usage

(1) Nylon

Nylon is the most common tent material. It has the characteristics of strong tension, bright and smooth color, and soft texture. At the same time, it has high strength and is not suitable for mold after a period of use. It is currently the most widely used material.

(2) Canvas

The canvas has the characteristics of waterproof, heat insulation, etc., but the texture is hard and bulky, easy to be damp, easy to mold and fade, and the overall effect is not as good as nylon tents.

(3) TC cloth

The so-called TC cloth is a blended fabric of Tetoron and pure cotton. The warp yarn is woven with Tetoron, and the weft yarn is woven with cotton yarn to synthesize TC cloth. It has the characteristics of both, has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, durability, breathability, and high strength, and is mostly used in family tents.

(4) Silk

Sephora is a fabric blended with nylon and other materials, which has the dual characteristics of nylon and other materials. The cloth surface is smooth and has good air permeability, but its durability and strength are lower than nylon. It is not suitable for use in cold climates, but it needs timely ventilation during use, otherwise the air will be too dull.