Roman gazebo structure introduction

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outdoor Roman gazebo structure

   The structure of a Roman tent generally includes inner and outer tents, tent poles, windproof ropes, and ground nails. First of all, the main body of the tent generally consists of pillars, frames, roofs, and canopies. The pillars of the tent are generally erected vertically on the ground, and there are various types of straight one, two or three connected. The frame of the tent is generally used in bullet-type tents or cabin-type tents, which are composed of short rod-shaped materials to form pillars or beams. The roof forms part of the sloping surface of the tent, and the rain shed is a part of the roof that is opened to the front and supported by other pillars.

   Outside the main body of the tent, there are some other small accessories, such as flying mats, which are mats installed on the roof of the tent to avoid strong sunlight. The canvas used to fix the tent is the main rope, also known as the pillar rope. It is separated from the two ends of the pillar to prevent the pillar from tilting and fix it with nails. In addition, there are angle ropes and waist ropes, both of which are used to fix the curtain of the tent.

   Finally, the tent was fixed on the ground with ground nails to fix the rope and the bottom of the tent curtain. Wooden hammers or hammers are used when driving nails into the ground. Consumers can use wood or metal to make live buckles and attach them to the main rope or corner rope parts for easy fixing of the tent.