Production of cast iron umbrella bases

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Production of cast iron umbrella bases

The casting production process is a complex and comprehensive process combination, which includes many production processes and links, from the preparation of metal materials and non-metal materials, to alloy smelting, modeling, core making, molding pouring, cleaning, castings to eliminate defects and heat treatment So as to obtain qualified castings.

The production of cast iron umbrella bases is also more complicated. The following will show the production process:

1. Put sand into the model of the umbrella base we need to produce, and then press the sand with a machine, and then take out the abrasive tool, the inside of the sand retains the shape of the umbrella base we need.

2. Put the iron into the furnace for smelting and smelt it into the molten iron we want until the molten iron meets our requirements.

3. Pour the melted molten iron into the equipped sand umbrella base model, wait for the molten iron to cool, the molten iron has solidified, and then break the sand apart, what remains is the shape of the umbrella base we need, which we call castings Or the billet.

4. Then use machinery to process the castings to complete the manufacture of cast iron umbrella bases.