Prevent sunburn and suntan outdoor UV-resistant Patio Garden Umbrella Parasol

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Outdoor umbrella sun protection is very important, it can effectively prevent sunburn and tan your skin. The choice of umbrella surface is the key. We have summarized the following points: 1. Cotton, silk, and nylon fabrics are not as good as polyester fabrics for sun protection; 2. Some umbrella fabrics are thin and sparse, and it is best to choose a tight fabric; 3. Satin fabric is best, then twill weave , Plain weave; 4. The darker the fabric, the better. Experts suggest that when picking up an umbrella, you may wish to open the umbrella and look at the shadow on the ground. The shadow should be darker.

In addition, the more times the umbrella is cleaned, the worse the sun protection effect will be. If the umbrella surface is dirty, be extra careful when cleaning it, and do not rub it or scrub it with a brush. You can mix a small amount of neutral detergent and white vinegar, and then dilute it with warm water at about 40°C. Dip a towel in the diluted solution and scrub gently. If the color of the parasol coating fades and the silver glue falls off at the crease, it means that the umbrella has been "overdue for service" and should be replaced in time.