Precautions for outdoor tent use

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Precautions for outdoor tent use

The outdoor environment is changing rapidly, and the current breeze is slowly changing. The sun was shining, and the fog approached in less than 10 minutes, followed by squally showers; the heavy rain was poured down the mountain, and the sun was shining when walking into the high mountains. This highlights the importance of sportswear and equipment selection to ensure the health and comfort of outdoor activities.

1. When setting up a tent, the outer tent must be stretched to avoid contact with the inner tent, and the inner side of the waterproof outer tent 2. Do not expose the tent to high temperatures, and do not place the bottom cloth on the hot beach and the ground, so as to prevent PU Aging to avoid degradation of waterproof performance;

3. When retracting the tent, roll it slowly and drive away the air in the tent in a directional direction. If the air rolls the tent without an exit, the air can only break through the waterproof layer, which will greatly affect the waterproof performance.