Points to note when choosing an outdoor tent

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Points to note when choosing an outdoor tent

1. The size of the tent Whether the space provided by the tent is appropriate is the most important indicator of choosing a tent. How tall are you? Will the tent provide enough length when you are lying down comfortably in a sleeping bag? Is the vertical space enough? Will you feel flustered when you sit in it? You plan to spend it in a tent The longer the time, the more space you need for the tent.

If you go to a cold place, you may want to prepare dinner in a tent, and you need a tent with special vents. A little hot coffee or instant noodles can make people feel comfortable, but if you use the stove in the tent, there must be enough space in the tent to ensure safety. Tent manufacturers often overestimate the number of people the tent can hold. A tent that is nominally used by 1 or 2 people often means that when one person uses it, it is enough; but when two people use it, all the equipment and food may be thrown out of the tent. This is a question that must be considered when buying a tent.

2. The weight of the tent When buying a tent, don't forget that you have to bring the tent to your camping site. If you travel by car, it means you can live more comfortably, because you can bring a heavier and larger tent; but if the tent has to be carried on your shoulders all day, then the weight problem will become a major problem. Bringing a tent that is too heavy and more than necessary can only bring pain to the journey.