Plastic wood outdoor leisure tables and chairs with high utilization rate

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Outdoor leisure tables and chairs have become the main products used in outdoor leisure facilities. When you walk on the street, you can see this kind of tables and chairs every once in a while, so that people can sit and rest for a while when they are tired. It is quite humane. Public facilities. It looks wood, but it is plastic wood. It has a wood-grain appearance, but it is stronger and more durable than wood, not decayed, and lasts longer.

Plastic wood outdoor leisure tables and chairs are tables and chairs made of plastic and wood, and generally have the following characteristics:

1. Waterproof, moisture-proof and fireproof. The fireproof grade reaches B1, the flame retardant performance is super strong, even if there is a fire, it can self-extinguish, and will not produce any polluting, toxic or pungent odor.

2. Anti-mildew, anti-bacterial, anti-acid and alkali, and anti-insect. Insect prevention is mainly aimed at that termite, which can effectively prevent the invasion of termites and other insects, making the leisure chair more durable.

3. Plastic wood outdoor lounge chairs are available in various colors, not only in raw wood colors, but also in individual colors according to your own preferences.

4. Hard texture and impact resistance.

5. There is no need to paint, no methanol, ammonia, benzene and other pollutants are produced, and there is no adverse effect on the public environment.

6. Low-carbon and environmentally friendly, resources can be reused.

7. Under sunlight, it is not easy to deform and crack.

8. Maintenance and repair are simple and easy to clean, usually at least once a year, which can save repair and maintenance costs to a certain extent.

9. The price is affordable, cost-effective, and the service life can be as long as 10-15 years and above.