Outdoor villa courtyard garden table and chair furniture design concept

Views: 2     Author: Uplion     Publish Time: 2021-12-12      Origin: Uplion

Outdoor villa courtyard garden tables and chairs are designed to be compatible with the environment. The environment here refers to the natural environment and the social environment. The coordination of the natural environment focuses on the vision of sustainable development. Outdoor furniture is a medium for direct dialogue between man and nature, and can coordinate the relationship between man and the environment. For example, Huizhou architecture uses black, white, and gray as a unified color. When designing outdoor furniture, it and the overall architectural style must be considered. Ancient literati and inkmen like to inscribe poems, sculptures, and painting patterns on outdoor furniture. In fact, they express a kind of cultural connotation and show their individuality. For these cultural outdoor furniture, we should see the story behind it.

In short, the harmonious design concept of outdoor villas, gardens, tables, chairs and furniture is a systematic work that combines multiple disciplines, and is the product of the combination of people, outdoor furniture, and environment. All three are indispensable. These three combinations contradict each other, complement each other, are relatively independent and inseparable