Outdoor tent FAQ

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Outdoor tent FAQ

1. Question: Is there any way to straighten the outdoor tent pole?

Answer: Plug one end of the bent rod, and then pour the spun yarn from the other end. After filling, make it firm, and then close the mouth. Gently use a wooden hammer (wood stick) at the bend (V or U). ) Beat, and fill the tube with sand continuously, repeat the above steps, until the beat is straight, the force should be light.

The wind resistance of the rod after being knocked straight is reduced. You can find a thicker tube and put it here to increase the strength. If the rubber band is troublesome during operation, you can remove it and then perform the above operation.

Usually, an aluminum or iron pipe should be set at the most stressed part of the tent pole to increase the strength.

If it is glass fiber reinforced plastic, use a hot hair dryer to blow straight or go to the study outdoor club to change one.

2. Question: Why do we need to irrigate sand?

Answer: The purpose of adding sand to the inside is to prevent the aluminum tube from deflating and causing dead bends. It is also a way to increase the strength of the bicycle's steel bar inside the stressed aluminum tube.