Outdoor tent fabric introduction

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Outdoor tents are essential equipment for outdoor camping, and camping also requires high tent fabrics, because it must be light, tear-proof, waterproof, and sun-proof.

So this time I will introduce the tent materials commonly found in camping.

Fabric is a must-knowledge for buying camping tents.

Frequently seen fabric specifications: 210T, 70D, oxford, silicone, pu, DCF, etc.,

T (polyester taffeta)

It is a kind of nylon, which is light and has good tear resistance, but it is not waterproof. The simple explanation of the previous numbers is about weight, the larger the number, the heavier it is.

D (denier)

Represents the weight and thickness of the cloth

The higher the number, the more wearable it is, and the heavier it is at the same time

The lower the number, the better the air permeability.


Imitation cotton fabric, wear-resistant, not waterproof.


Some fabrics are not waterproof, so coating should be added to ensure that the fabric is waterproof.


A waterproof coating

It is flammable, highly waterproof, light enough, and highly tear-resistant.

Silicone is used on the bottom of some tents


A kind of glue

Because T and Oxford are not waterproof, many of them will do PU processing to make the fabric waterproof. After finishing, there is a waterproof number, which means how many mm of water pressure can be received.

Some tent brands will use a mixture of silicone + pu.

dcf (cuben)

One of the highest-level fabric materials, officially called cuben, the most expensive cloth, but light, waterproof, tear-resistant and so on.

Fabric is a very important part of a outdoor tent, which affects everyone's choice of tent, and also affects the later use.