Outdoor tent cleaning and maintenance

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Outdoor tent cleaning and maintenance

1 Clean the tents, floor nails, and poles inside and outside the tent, mainly cleaning the mud, grass, dust, rain and snow, and small bugs stuck on it.

2 Outdoor tents cannot be machine washed, otherwise it will completely damage the coating and glue of the tent, which will make your tent useless. It can be washed with water or hand rubbed. Use non-alkaline detergents. You can use cloth for particularly dirty parts. Scrubbing, do not use hard objects such as brushes to scrub the tent, which will damage the waterproof coating of the tent's tent and destroy its waterproofness.

3 After cleaning the outdoor tent, the most important thing is to put the tent in a ventilated place to dry thoroughly, especially the mesh tent. When cleaning, be sure to rinse off the detergent and dry it fully, otherwise it will cause mildew on the fabric. It becomes sticky and reduces the service life of outdoor tents.