Outdoor table and chair rattan chair furniture material introduction

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Outdoor table and chair rattan chair furniture material introduction

Outdoor table and chair rattan chair furniture, as the name suggests, is outdoor table and chair rattan chair furniture for outdoor use. Because it needs to be used outdoors for a long time, the anti-corrosion and sun protection requirements of the material are particularly high. Traditional wood and metal cannot be used for outdoor furniture without treatment. Today, the most used materials for outdoor table and chair rattan chair furniture are:

One, Saito 

West rattan has also become PE imitation rattan, which is an improved polymer material and a substitute for rattan furniture. It is bright and beautiful in color, soft and comfortable in texture and durable. West rattan material can withstand destructive experiments from minus 30 degrees to plus 120 degrees, it is very suitable for outdoor furniture use in the wind and the sun, and a large number of them are exported abroad.

Two, teak

Teak is a large deciduous tree native to South Asia. Currently, teak on the market mainly comes from Myanmar. The market is commonly known as "Thai pomelo". The sapwood is yellowish brown and reddish, which is obviously different from the heartwood. It is about 3 cm wide and the heartwood is light brown. It turns dark when left in the air for a long time. Brown, glossy wood, oily to the touch, dimensionally stable in use, strong in corrosion resistance and ant resistance, resistant to marine wood-drilling animals in the sea, not easy to impregnate, and acid-resistant. Due to the excellent corrosion resistance and stability of wood, moderate processing strength and processing performance, tall and straight trunk, beautiful appearance and wide range of uses, teak is the best and most famous and good outdoor furniture material in the world. It is widely used in Outdoor tables and chairs, deck chairs, outdoor umbrellas, garden wood, yacht decks, etc.