Outdoor square folding tent base

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Outdoor tent base 

In addition to the items to be sold in outdoor stalls, folding tents are also chosen by many businesses; folding tents are frequently used, and they can be taken wherever they go. They can be used regardless of weather, day or night, and there is no time limit.

Folding tents also need a base to stabilize. Today we are talking about a square plastic tent base.

The size is 36.5*36.5cm, the height is 11.5cm, the net weight is 1.2KG, and the packing size is 37.5*37.5*44cm, usually four pieces in a box.

After the tent base is filled with water, one piece can reach 9KG, a total of 36KG, this weight is enough to stabilize the folding tent.

Moreover, the position of the tent base can be adjusted to facilitate stable folding of the tent.

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