Outdoor round plastic wood table and plastic wood chair set

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Outdoor round plastic wood table and plastic wood chair set

Nowadays, many people pursue leisure life after work, which has also led to an increasing demand for outdoor leisure tables and chairs. It enriches outdoor leisure life, and can be close to nature and relax. Based on this demand, there are more and more choices of outdoor leisure tables and chairs on the market. The common ones are rattan tables and chairs, solid wood tables and chairs, bamboo tables and chairs, plastic wood tables and chairs, and aluminum alloy glass tables and chairs.

Plastic wooden tables and chairs are also called environmentally friendly wooden tables and chairs. They are made of artificial synthetic materials and are of good quality. They will not produce peculiar smell or blisters when used outdoors.

Wood-plastic composite material has the dual characteristics of wood and plastic, and has high durability, wear resistance and dimensional stability. Wood-plastic composite materials are used for outdoor products such as decks, plastic-wood dining tables and chairs, industrial floors, etc., which are not only low maintenance costs but also recyclable. The installation operation of wood-plastic composite material is exactly the same as that of solid wood. It can be nailed, bolted, sawn, and easy to paint and dye. Wood-plastic composite materials are economical and cheaper than solid wood. In addition, the raw materials have a wide range of sources, which are basically waste utilization, and can also be recycled. They are non-toxic and are currently ideal environmentally friendly materials.