Outdoor plastic wood table and chair set

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Outdoor plastic wood table and chair set

Outdoor plastic wood table and chair is a combination of table and chair that is more in line with the trend. It has clear lines and novel styles. The hand-spliced plastic wood strips show the level of craftsmanship. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

This plastic wooden table and chairs can be divided into a table with four chairs, one table with six chairs, two tables with ten chairs, and a variety of combinations.

Some plastic wooden tables can also be equipped with Umbrella Teslin aluminum chair. The metal part uses aluminum that will not rust, which is light in weight and feels better. The seat part is made of Teslin, which is breathable and durable. It is not used under the sun. show.

Generally, plastic wood tables and chairs are assembled and disassembled. The table top and the table legs are connected with screws, which saves cabinet space and reduces shipping costs. The plastic wood chairs are generally stacked, but they will be reduced by pearl cotton lights before loading. The shock material is wrapped, so that the plastic wood table and chair reduce friction and damage during transportation.