Outdoor plastic wood table and chair set-4 chairs + 1 table

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Outdoor plastic wood table and chair set-4 chairs + 1 table

Plastic wood tables and chairs are green minimalist furniture, which are waterproof, anti-corrosive and easy to clean. Let me talk about the details of plastic wood tables and chairs.

Table and chair legs:

It adopts Japanese-shaped aluminum material, which is stronger and more durable than hollow aluminum material.

The table and chair legs are non-slip foot plugs to prevent the table and chair legs from being worn and scratching the ground.

Table and chair surface:

Selected environmentally-friendly PS plastic wood, the table and chair surface is thickened by 37.5px, the surface is clear with imitation wood grain, no spots, no mold, no cracking, no fading, outdoor wind, sun, rain, and no deformation for ten years. Imported environmentally friendly wooden table and chair surface, environmentally friendly material without formaldehyde, safer, clear imitation wood grain, not only reduces forest wood logging, the environmentally friendly wooden table and chair surface can also be recycled, and the middle of the table can be opened with a separate umbrella.


100% aluminum alloy, thick design of table and chair legs, load-bearing more than 200KG, solid and durable. The texture, light, and layering are full, giving people visually extremely comfortable enjoyment.


High-temperature baking paint, long-lasting paint, anti-corrosion and anti-rust. The edges of the tables and chairs are covered with aluminum alloy, seamlessly connected and not easy to wear.

Double screw reinforcement:

The joint between PS plastic wood and aluminum alloy frame is reinforced with double screws, and a screw cover is added, which is both rust-proof and beautiful.