Outdoor leisure hammock

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Outdoor leisure hammock

The structure of the hammock

There are two types of hammocks, the hammocks with rods and the hammocks without rods. The hammocks with rods have a flat surface, allowing people to move freely and more comfortable when lying on them. However, because there are two suspenders, the volume and weight will be relatively large. Inconvenient to carry, friends traveling by car are more suitable; the hammock without poles is very convenient to carry, and they are all stored. It is only as big as a large Coke bottle and is not heavy. It is good to put it in a backpack, so it is not currently The pole canvas hammock is the best choice for most travelers.

The material of the hammock

The material should not be bought just by looking at its appearance, but it is important to look at the load-bearing capacity of this material. People who are relatively fat should not choose a hammock made of nylon mesh. Although the hammock made of this material has good air permeability, its bearing capacity is not very good. If you lie on it, you may be crushed by accident, even if you don’t. When it breaks, all the spaces on the body with nylon mesh leaking out are uncomfortable and unattractive. Therefore, people who are heavier are advised to choose a hammock made of canvas. The canvas hammock is more tolerant, and it is very comfortable to lie on. Those who are afraid of heat are recommended to choose a nylon mesh hammock, which has relatively good air permeability.