Outdoor large-capacity umbrella base

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Outdoor large-capacity umbrella base

Outdoor advertising sun umbrellas can be understood as printing advertisements on the basis of courtyard sun umbrellas. This is a new type of advertising carrier that produces no noise and is environmentally friendly when used. The most important publicity effect is good. It can be used by businesses to promote products. Provide a display props, create a promotional environment, and add a promotional window.

Outdoor advertising umbrellas are generally large in size, mostly center-pillar umbrellas, and the printing area is relatively large, so the advertising umbrellas are heavier than the general center-pillar umbrellas, and the use of the base should be improved accordingly.

The size of this umbrella base is 58*58CM, the height is 18CM, and the weight can reach 30K after being filled with water. This can make the outdoor advertising umbrella stable in windy weather and not easy to be blown down.

The surface of the umbrella base is decorated with patterns, and the iron pipe of the umbrella seat is suitable for the center pillars of 38MM and 48MM sizes.

This kind of HDPE plastic umbrella base has a long service life and a relatively advantageous price.