Outdoor hexagonal tent

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Outdoor hexagonal tent

Outdoor camping has become the most popular outdoor recreational activity. If you are just stepping into the outdoor recreational activity of camping, the first necessary equipment is a tent! Here is how to choose a hexagonal tent that suits you.

Hexagonal tents generally use three-pole or four-pole cross-support, and some use six-pole design. The main focus is on the stability of the tent, which is a common style of "alpine-type" tents.

The hexagonal tent has many advantages, such as large space, good wind resistance, and good rain resistance when it rains. However, it is heavier than the dome-shaped tent, and sometimes it is not very convenient to set up.

Hexagonal tents are mostly suitable for mountain trekking and some relatively bad weather.

When purchasing a hexagonal tent, it is recommended to choose a tent with good air permeability, which ensures the air circulation in the tent, and does not feel stuffy during use. The air permeability is mainly reflected in the height of the inner tent gauze, the size of the ventilating window of the outer tent, and the height of the outer tent.