Outdoor half resin umbrella base

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Outdoor half resin umbrella base 

Today I will introduce the resin half umbrella base. The raw material of resin umbrella base is very cheap, so the price is more advantageous than other materials umbrella base, so if you have a small budget, you can choose a resin umbrella base.

The size of this half umbrella base is 46*8CM, with iron tube, the size of the tube is 250*58*1.2mm, suitable for 35/38/48mm umbrella pole, the packaging is a single box, the size of the box  is 44*55*9cm, and the weight is 8KG. The surface of this umbrella base is decorated with rose patterns, which is more suitable for garden and backyards.

This kind of umbrella holder does not need to be filled with water or sand. It is more convenient to install the tube directly and use it. Moreover, this type of umbrella is generally used with a half-sided umbrella and placed in an outdoor cafe to decorate the style of the cafe.

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