Outdoor garden balcony parasol

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Outdoor garden balcony parasol

One umbrella, one world", an umbrella is a piece of sky, and there is also a colorful world under the umbrella.

It is very suitable to be placed in the courtyard, the umbrella surface is super large, very shady, and very strong, and the lights can be turned on at night, and the family and guests can gather around the table!

Among the courtyard umbrellas, there is a Roman umbrella that is the most fashionable, unique and beautiful, with clear lines and good shading effect.

A patio umbrella can be set up in the courtyard for you and your friends to have tea and chat.

It adds three-dimensional beauty to the entire courtyard space, so that the space is not monotonous and stylish!

Patio umbrellas have been widely used in our lives. They not only have beautiful shapes, but also have good sun-shading effects, which can make it possible to enjoy outdoor life in the summer when the sun is shining.

The quality of the parasol is good. The thickness of the umbrella is 250G polyester tarpaulin, which has a very strong ability to block ultraviolet rays and can be used in rainy days. The base is equipped with an umbrella stand with rollers, which can be moved anytime and anywhere, which is convenient, fast and trouble-free.